Back Syncrasy App Design and Development


Syncrasy is an iPad app that enables real time collaboration between nearby participants based on proximity and location, harnessing iBeacon technology and built on top of a custom networking framework. It is the outcome of my masters research in the field of education technology.

Real Time, Proximity Based Collaboration

The dynamic nature of the interaction means that the shared canvas, built up from images and text contributed by multiple users, exists only while the participants are in close proximity, adding the content of new participants who join the space, and removing the content of those who leave.

Click here to see it in action.

iBeacon Technology

Syncrasy uses micro locations to automatically determine and allocate groups within which collaboration occurs. Intended for use within a classroom space, it can detect users changing groups based on proximity.

JKPeer Connectivity

A custom peer to peer networking framework had to be implemented to enable socket level transfer of data between iOS and Android devices. Available open source here.


Syncrasy was designed from the ground up, beginning with humble hand drawn sketches through to high fidelity, interactive prototypes.