Back WWDC Student Scholarship App Design and Development

The Concept

Given the challenge of creating an autobiographical app for the chance to attend WWDC on a student scholarship, I themed mine about travel with my skills and experiences represented through projects I’ve worked on in different parts of the world: New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, USA and Europe. The app, complete with design and coding was created in just under a week and my application was successful.

The source code is available here and a demo video can be viewed here.

Safety Briefing

The introduction of the app features an in flight safety briefing, redone with terrible programming jokes.

Passbook and Locations

Visiting a country reveals relevant projects and each country has a different Passbook pass. When drilled down into a project, connecting to a secondary display will unlock extra content as the ‘in flight entertainment system’, using it as a secondary display rather than just mirroring.

Achievements and Gamification

Each country is represented as an airport code and barcode, which turns into a passport stamp when you visit it. Visit all the countries, collect all the stamps and unlock an achievement (who doesn’t enjoy a bit of gamification?)